Many of you have done activities for the schools, such as giving out class schedules and helping with photo ID?s and some of you have helped GFE with our Cashwise Food Booth.  We thank all of you for doing this for GFE and for our kids.  Everyone is asking me how I am enjoying the summer with nothing to do because there is no school.  Summer is really my busy time as there are reports to file and the Report for the 2012/2013 school year has to be compiled and written up.  Due to construction and loss some of these records could not be found at a couple of elementary schools.  Plus two schools returned only 1 teacher survey.  But in big bold letters our members turned in many surveys and they completed 6,870 hours including hours helped at special activities and GFE functions.  You all deserve a big round of applause for doing this for our students in Owatonna Schools.  It takes a ?Village to Raise a Child? and we are doing just that. Many of you went above and beyond the call and helped so many children that I am proud to say that GFE members are the best support team any school could ask for.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau we have 64 million grandparents in America.  The best are right here in Owatonna helping our students. It was also found by the Center for Social Development that elementary students who had consistent help from an adult 55 or older improved their critical reading skills by 60%.  Sept. 8, 2013 is Grandparents Day.  Thank you for what you do for our students.


Have a wonderful birthday: Jim Brunner, Pete Johnson and Nancy Karstan.  If I missed anyone please let me know.

We do not stop playing because we grow old;

We grow old because we stop playing...




Trying to get five peoples schedules to come together at the same time is often impossible. But after over a year we finally completed an Educational DVD for teachers and to be used for Recruitment. First, I had to take from our Power Point the key elements for GFE. Then came the scheduling.  The teacher, the student (when used for tutoring), our GFE member, me and the videographer were all the people that had to be come together at one point or another to get the filming done.  Often times we did two segments at one time and place.  Miles Mulet a senior at OHS and also the President of the Pulse Club at OHS filmed and edited the entire DVD.  The Pulse Club at OHS is a group of young students who are adept at electronics such as video, internet etc.  Something I am not, and few individuals our age are.  Miles is now in Florida going to college.  I will miss him so much. Several of our members are speakers in the video or they were filmed tutoring students at various grade levels and even doing special things around the schools such as helping in the lunchroom, etc.  Supt. Peter Grant gave a wonderful Prologue to the video and this was followed by some of our Principals who spoke briefly.  A volunteer coordinator and now a member of our board was also a speaker in the video along with Ron and me.

 It was quite costly to get the video finished and up and running.  Labels had to be burned on each of them; plastic cases had to be bought and a gratuity given to the person doing the filming.  The cost of the DVD?s going to each school was taken from our #761 grant which I write each year. We have a few extra DVD?s. They are $4.00 each. Miles did a fantastic job on the editing, as we all thought we did a terrible job because we were so nervous. We had to keep it short also.  10 minutes was about the limit.  You can watch it on Chanel 8 or go to YouTube cl. on Grandparents for Education and watch it also.  We will have it on the web site soon.




Many of our members came to this meeting and enjoyed and learned about the Diversity of Cultures in our Owatonna Schools and workplaces. The panel consisted of Ibrahim Hussein, Founder and President of the Somali American Cultural Society of Owatonna and also the Somali Liaison, Translator and Interpreter for the #761 Schools District and is at McKinley; Hamza Ali who is a student at OHS; Chella Flores, Hispanic Educator; and Rev. Brent Carlson of Christ Community Covenant Church in Owatonna and also lived in China. Each of these panel members were wonderful speakers telling about their cultures and their experiences in the U. S.  Rev. Carlson summarized the panel discussion adding to it his own experience in China going to school.  There were so many questions by the attending group and we felt bad we could not get them all answered as we were running out of time and the Break-Out sessions were ready to begin.

 All of our members who attended at least two of the break-out sessions were pleased with the information and hand-outs they were given. The STEM program at McKinley was led by Tom Meagher, the Coordinator of the program.

All members received a letter to invite them to attend this Meeting/Workshop held each year before school begins.  We highly recommended that you attend because of the excellent program presented.  We also asked that if you cannot attend you either call or e-mail Linda Breyer or me.  Several of you did call, however more of you did not.  I know it is easy to forget, but remember had you called we would not have ordered so many pastries for you (which were so good) nor would the janitors have to set up tables for you. Please try and remember to call us if you are not attending.  It saves us money and the schools man-power.  Thank you.


Patricia Haats, Mary Talamantes, Barbara Wahl, Glenis Nellis, and Carole Nilsson.  Please introduce yourself to our new members.  We have a need for at least 100 more members.  We can all be recruiters.


Enclosed with this newsletter is a copy of the Sept. and Oct. school calendar.

Sept. 30 is the OHS Powder Puff Football game. This is a football game played by OHS girls to kick off the Homecoming events.  The game can be fun to watch.  We have members at both gates to take either a donation or a food item for the food shelf as the entrance fee into the game.  Many people and students come. We are not only helping OHS, but we are helping the Owatonna Food Shelf by volunteering to do this.  Please call Linda if you would be willing to help us out.

We also will be decorating our float on the 28th or the 29th or both if we do not get done. We sure can use members to help out doing this.  It is a lot of fun and the students are fun to work with.

There are also Vision and Hearing Clinics which some of you have signed up for.

We can?t forget Cultural Fest which is on the 28th of Sept.  Many of you have helped with this big event and also our booth on Ecuador.  Call Linda.  She needs help.

Then come October. I feel this is going to be the busiest month of our year.

To kick it off (football talk) Oct. 9th is our Pizza Ranch Fundraiser from 5-8pm.  We need about 4-5 members to pick up dishes and bring them back to wash them.

Then during the entire months of Sept and Oct. we will be getting and wrapping Silent Auction Baskets.  Any help will be appreciated. 

Oct. 27 is our Annual Eagle?s Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser.  We need about 5 people for 2 hour shifts and someone to help at the table, plus someone to oversee the Silent Auction.  I will explain more about these Oct. events in the Oct. newsletter.  This is just a preview. In Nov. unless there is a play, it is much less.