Thank you for the great work that you do with GFE, I think you and your organiztion are making a huge difference in the lives of the youth in Owatonna.

It is not uncommon to see GFE volunteers working outside the classroom with individual students helping them reading progress.

"Thanks for all you do. You and your organization are really making a difference." ? Erik Eitrheim a teacher at OHS.

"Grandparents for Education has done so much to support what we do---- it's hard to imagine that there ever was a time you weren't here! Congratulations!" ?Principal at OHS Dr. Don Johnson

"Thank You to all of the grandparents who helped hand out candy on the first day of school. We enjoy having you help us here at OHS and I know the students love seeing you here. Thanks again!" ? OHS Administration

I am so excited to be working with a dedicated group of people to better education to insure all kids can be fruitful in the days to come. I fully endorse this program. ? Rep Kory Kath

"Here at Lincoln Elementary, we have several GFE volunteers. They do various things at our school like helping students with reading, math and world passport. We also have a wonderful volunteer that helps out in the lunch room. The teachers and staff at Lincoln appreciate everything that GFE volunteers do for us each and every day.!!! Thanks for everything. " ? KS Volunteer Coordinator Lincoln Elementary

"From a member who volunteers at the schools: Thank you Ron and Sondra for all you do for Grandparents for Education. Joining the organization gave me the push to volunteer. Each day when I leave, I return home with special stories of the students. My husband and I thoroughly enjoy them."

?Thank you for helping out in our class. Because of your (GFE) help the kids averaged 3 years of growth this year. Also, perhaps most importantly, it helped me stay sane because I could send some of my most distractible students with you and give them the one-on-one attention they needed. You might not believe this, but xxx said reading with a volunteer was one of his favorite parts of the class?

?Some of the students I assign my grandparent volunteers are not always easy to work with. Nevertheless, they have not complained. Instead they treat each child to a smile and friendly words of encouragement. I have been incredible impressed by their attitude and their determination to help these students. In my heart I know they are making a difference.?

?I am so thankful for GFE. The grandparents who helped us out are remarkable peddlers of hope and make our community stronger every day.?

The two volunteers who worked with this student were model examples for the GFE program. They were punctual, flexible and provided positive experiences. The time spent was so valuable. I have asked them to follow this student next year. I would also love to have them back myself nest year.? A student comment along with this reads: ?I like them, they are fun.?

I cannot reach all my children on a one-on-one level and Grandma was a blessing and encouragement to our students. Our students would be missing out on a very beneficial opportunity of working with age diversity.?
He would listen to students and help them improve their fluency. I could not have listened to them that many times myself. These grandparents give so much of themselves to our students.?

I could not reach as many students without help from the Grandparents.? A student: ?We love the time they spend with us. I love to read to them.?
?Did not use the program this year." I had plenty of volunteers.?
?Once again its volunteers like yourself that make the World Passport program such a huge success.? We hope that you will continue being a volunteer and we look forward to seeing each of you.?

Loved every minute. I was a guest speaker 3different times in the health class at OHS. Following the classes, I took the blood pressures of approximately 120 students. I found 5 with severe hypertension, 4 of these had home problems, and 1 student had severe emotional problems. All of these students were reported to the classroom teacher.

I spent a morning at Lincoln being a ?Mystery ?reader, reading 1 or 2 books in 4 classrooms. Enjoyed this a lot. I spent Mondays (after school), January through April at Willow Creek with Future City project. This project was new at the school. I helped sell ?stars? at one HS play. That was very enjoyable.

No problems I can recall. I had good experiences helping with schedules, handing out candy, taking tickets for the concert, and riding on the homecoming float and giving out candy. The pancake breakfast, Pizza Ranch fundraisers, and Cashwise food stand were lots of fun too. Watching the ESL students was interesting also. (Refers to parent teacher conferences)

The students are receptive to help from us ?old folks?. The faculty always seems appreciative of our help and we always receive great encouragement and support from our founders.

GFE is an excellent program. Thanks for letting me be part of it. I loved working with World Passport at Wilson. The kids really get excited when they know they can tell you all the countries. Listening to the kids read was a little harder, but there were times it was important for the kids and the teacher to have a Grandparent there to take the student out of the classroom on a one to one basis.

I have helped Somali and Saudi students with homework. The most fun has been judging science fairs, interviewing students in career mentorship?s and helping kindergarten students with computers.

Like Last year I have spent this year working with small groups of students on math for Miss Ham, 2nd grade classroom at Washington. I love it.
I think GFE is a wonderful organization since most parents work full time and are unable to volunteer. I also think children respond well to the grandparents. Thanks for everything.
"Nobody gets through life without help. Young people need help in every stage of their lives." ? Marion Wright Edelman