After several months of research regarding grandparents and seniors helping in the schools and with the help of a school board member, some school principals a needs assessment was done by the #761 School District to determine a need for this type of organization.

This needs assessment definitely gave us the incentive to push forward with the development of the Grandparents for Education organization. A small committee of individuals who had experience in some aspect of education met to determine how we would proceed.

Our first business meeting was held in Feb. of 2009. Election of officers was held and GFE was on its way. By the time the school year 2009-2010 began and after an orientation meeting we had 26 members volunteering their time and knowledge in 7 schools within the #761 School District in grade levels K-12.

We helped with tutoring students in reading, math, helped with plays, judged student projects, helped during testing, helped with vision and hearing testing to name a few activities.

When the school year ended we had nearly 50 members who were volunteering in the schools. Not only had our membership increased, but activities also were increased.

In Dec. of 2009 GFE applied for 501c3 status. In March of 2010 we became a non-profit organization. This status opened many doors to us, but with it came more responsibility. During this school year our members gave over 1400 hours of service in the Owatonna schools.

Our data base of volunteers and activities continues to grow every day. We began the 2010-2011 school year with 65 volunteers. By February of 2011 we had 70 members.

The number of requests for help in the schools increases every day. This increase definitely is a great indication of the need our organization fills by giving of our time and talents.

Through this organization of grandparents who are America?s greatest resource, we will continue to serve our children who will someday be our leaders of tomorrow.
Ron & Sondra von Arb
The logo contest was open to all 5th and 6th graders in Owatonna schools in 2008. The winner was Sydney Kasper a student at St. Mary?s elementary school.

We still use the logo and wear it proudly on our shirts
Our first member to volunteer in Owatonna K-12 the school year of 2009-2010.
A member of the GFE Board of Director?s volunteering his spare time helping in the lunchroom beginning with 2009-2010 school year and continues to volunteer his time.
Our History:
Grandparents for Education is a program of volunteers designed to provide schools and school children access to caring supportive actual and honorary grandparents and to provide opportunities for these volunteers to engage in meaningful activities in a school setting.
Grandparents for Education will bring experience, knowledge and serve as a role model as well as bringing another facet of the community to support education. This organization will enhance cross-generational partnerships through active involvement in schools leading toward student success and safety.
Our Mission
Grandparent for Education volunteer helping a student with reading..